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After a year of research, writing, preparation, rehearsals and finally, sold out shows and standing ovations. Our Town Austin, is going on break. I'll have to say it's been very good to work with this cast...and I sure appreciate all the support from Ed Heppner and the Austin Chamber of Commerce, Hercules Woodworking, Southman Printing, The Pine Creek School Division, the incredibly talented Presley Friesen, and, of course, our hard working crew, Brian Driedger, Tylor Martins, Elma Zacharias, Rebecca Dyck, and Jamie Penner of Hercules Woodworking... NOTE: The Austin Chamber of Commerce is taking orders of souvenir DVD sets, which include the play, Our Town, Austin (along with some interviews and footage shot while researching and writing that play) well as footage of the grand 150th parade that was held, fireworks, and so on...if this interests Ed at: 204-797-1230... 

Coming soon...

August 12. 7:00 p.m. Our Town, Gladstone. Gladstone Museum. Free Admission. Evening features an original one act play, homestead recipes, and also some musical guests singing songs suitable for Canada Day. Note: This is a different cast and a different script than Our Town, Austin. 

December 10. A Community Christmas...together with members of our local Filipino community. 

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Our Town, Gladstone / Our Town, Austin

Who Are We Anyway?

The idea for a theatre group in Gladstone was around for awhile before it started to really gain steam in 2012. It was at that time Susan Rosa, then the director of Glad-West Rec Commission, took the initiative and called the first meeting to discuss the concept of community theatre in Gladstone. The meeting was a constructive one and lead to our first production. The first show to be produced was a melodrama called, Blame it on the Pony Express. This was toured the surrounding area to great acclaim and encouraged the group to continue producing other shows.

Our group carried on, producing two shows a year, and donating all the proceeds to the local halls we performed in and to the Rec-Commission that sponsored us. Much money was raised for the community and even more laughter and good memories were generated while doing so. Don't take our word for it though...Check out our photo album and relive some of those memories with us.

In 2014, there was much thought given to how we should continue forward as a group. Moves toward becoming more of a regional theatre group were taken, and the group produced three shows a year for the first time. Other firsts in 2014 were performing as part of the Manitoba Thresherman's Reunion and partnering with the Gladstone Museum. It was also during 2014 that Susan Rosa announced her resignation as the head of the Rec-Commission. Her departure affected our group profoundly and prompted us to move forward with some changes that had been considered for some time.

A formal executive was created and a new name was chosen, The Pine Creek Players. This name was suggested by Robin Richardson, one of the founding members of our group. Even though we have a new name, we continue to move forward on our mission to bring laughter and entertainment to our province. We hope that you will join us either on the stage or in the audience at one of our productions.

Audition opportunities are posted on the Current Productions page.

Current Executive

Robin Richardson

Kelvin Bueckert

Kristy Riley

Mark Riley

Patty Thomson

Past Productions

Christmas Choir (Fall 2016)

Gift of the Magi (Fall 2016)

Happily Forever After (Spring 2016)

Muggsy's Merry Christmas (Fall 2015)

A Little Christmas Spirit (Fall 2015)

The Great Gladstone Oil Strike! (Summer 2015)

The Treasure of Shiver River (Spring 2015)

God Bless Us, Everyone! (Fall 2014)

Run to the Roundhouse Nellie (Summer 2014)

A Night of Love...or Not(Spring 2014)

-Avoiding the Pitfalls of High School Dating

-The Beauty Operator

-Speed Dating Nightmare

Not on This Night (Fall 2013)

Hartburn Hotel (Spring 2013)

Mandate for Murder (Fall 2012)

Blame it on the Pony Express(Spring 2012)

Music and Scenes from Gladstone...

James Patterson, Endless Highway...

A Preview of Our Photo Album

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Where Are We?

75 5 Street Gladstone Manitoba